Echo IronWire

Echo launched the IronWire on Indiegogo with an initial target of $50,000. We smashed through it in a little over a week, and ended up being nearly 200% funded by the time the 30 day campaign was complete. It was the third campaign we supported Echo with, having already helped them overfund the PowerSound to 219% and the Connect Key to 563%. Crowdfunding is very much part of Echo's strategy to build their brand, and every campaign helps them to develop new relationships with tech publications, grow their customer base of early adopters and initiate distribution contracts with major retailers across the globe.

Street Stream Crowdcube

Street Stream was looking to raise £100,000 via an equity campaign on Crowdcube. They had received pre-approval for the SEIS tax relief scheme for investors, but this period of approval was only valid for a few more months. Our support allowed them to quickly produce all the pitch materials so they could get onto Crowdcube's Sprint programme, which allows companies to launch their campaign faster. We helped them reach their funding cap of £150,000 in less than two weeks.