Crowdfunding for startups

Startups have long been aware that the landscape has changed. Indeed they helped drive this change. Previously startups pitched to a small few business people, who would have to go with their gut feeling, take a punt on an idea they liked, or invest in a business model that proved profitable to them in the past. No one would ever really know if an idea would be successful until they took the idea to market.

Now startups are using the network technologies to connect to their market before launching their products, and even amending their solutions based on consumer feedback. Serious investors (i.e. not initial seed investment) are also looking for this kind of evidence of market interest before backing a new venture.

TribeFirst mainly provides a support network for start-ups looking to crowdfund their idea, by both equity and rewards campaigns. We can help write the business plan, sell your personal story and promote your campaign to the masses. The service is available to a select few start-ups that meet our qualifying criteria. You are required to only invest a small amount to receive a full suite of complimentary services, with all parties involved only being rewarded when a campaign is successful.