Enabling your supporters and fans through crowdfunding

Sports clubs, TV producers, movie studios and people involved in the arts were amongst the first to recognise the true powers of crowdfunding. Yes it can raise money, but it can also reward fans by allowing something to be created that otherwise would have been shelved. It allows you to directly channel fan passion into a positive outcome.

TV, film and the arts
There are any number of reasons why exceptional pieces of work aren't made. It's unfortunate that a project coming to life or not is decided by the personal taste or risk averseness of a distributor, publisher or funder, rather than the collective opinions of an audience. TribeFirst can help you change this, by giving the crowd a voice so the work they want to see gets made.

All sports clubs have a passionate group of fans, but many can feel distanced from their supporters. Crowdfunding allows sports clubs to reward their most loyal fans and to disintermediate control of funds from controlling bodies, TV channels and sponsors. We only work with clubs looking to strengthen their relationship with their fans, not who see it as an opportunity to take more money from their pockets. TribeFirst can help you come up with a crowdfunding strategy that allows you to authentically engage with your supporters and reward them for their loyalty.